This year saw the country experienced one of the hottest summers on record, and even right now Britons are enjoying a relatively mild Autumn, but with the good comes the inevitable storm. Winter is coming in fast, and next week we are set to have our first snowfall and experts are warning that we should expect extreme cold weather.

These are conditions in which accidents happen more easily and can be especially dangerous, so people should be looking to stock up on emergency medical supplies to deal with any accidents that might occur. Situated in England’s North East are Northumbrian Medical Supplies who are a medical supply company catering to the country’s health professionals and the general public.

Amongst the Surgical Supplies and other medical products they provide, Normedica is stockists of First Aid Kits and the accompanying supplies. As freezing temperatures set in and the snow begins to fall, a harsh winter can only mean that people are more at risk of an accident, whether that is in the car, at home, the office or at school.

Northumbrian Medical Supplies have various special offers on their website, one of which is the RH2 Vehicle First Aid Kit, which comes in an orange box and is suitable to place in your car in case of emergency. It includes large wound dressings, bandages, cleansing wipes, plasters, scissors, safety pins and vinyl gloves. Normedica also supplies customers with First Aid Kit Refills and various other First Aid Supplies, such as thermal emergency foil blankets and defibrillators.

For also the latest deals visit and ensure your safety this winter.