If you have not yet heard of a memory box, understand they can help dementia sufferers take them back to a moment in time. Whether you wish it to hold pictures, newspaper clippings or other items, it has been found to help those in dementia care find happy thoughts, as well as something to talk about. Considering creating one for your loved one could really help them whilst receiving healthcare services. The following article contains only some of many reasons why making a memory box is a brilliant idea.

One thing that often becomes an issue with people who have dementia is they find it difficult to link an identity to their loved ones. So, the idea of making a box full of keepsakes can help lift the person’s spirit, or sometimes jog their memory. Understandably, it can be difficult finding the right mementos to place in the box, but the results it produces is worth the effort. Not only this, it helps to exercise the person’s senses such as touch, smell and sight, which can create something nice for them to rely on as their condition progresses.

A memory box can be used in home care circumstances, as well as in a shared care home. It helps provide memories of personal interests, someone’s history and the youth they had. Whatever items you place in the box can help the person explore what they struggled to without one before. Moreover, it can inspire conversations with carers visiting, or with their children and grandchildren.

If you decide to put together the memory box with your loved one, you may find it gives more insight into their past; finding special items they still have interest in. Furthermore, it can spark creativity for the individual, perhaps to make another memory box about another time of their life. This form of dementia care has been found to have promising effects, so it is wise to consider making one.

Keeping the above in mind, there are many ways of going about putting together a memory box. It can be simply or boldly decorated, depending on the person or memory. What the ‘box’ may be varies too – you may want to use a shoe or jewellery box. The choice is vast. Just ensure it’s easy to lift and open, so the healthcare services, home care and your loved one can access it. It should also be able to hold several items, so look for a reasonably sized box.

When it comes to deciding on which items to put inside, it should remain personal to the person in dementia care. So, ensure it reflects on a memory of theirs or a person they know. This way, it is more likely to have meaningful impact on them. However, there are some factors you must consider such as an item’s safety, texture, significance and uniqueness. Never include items which are heavy or sharp, as it could harm the individual. Sometimes unique belongings are too special to put in, especially if they are irreplaceable.

Thankfully, with most of home care services, a lot of the worries of potentially losing the memory box is eliminated. This is because they are known to be trustworthy healthcare services, that follow strict rules and regulations. If you think creating a memory box is a great idea for your loved one, consider putting it together; perhaps with the help from their carer.