The number of vehicles sold every year is very high. Every disabled person look for buying one for himself or herself as per his needs and budgets. There are few things one should keep in mind while surveying the market for buying them.

Manufacturers and dealers

With many car companies venturing in to the handicap vehicles manufacturing, the product quality has become better. There is a competition between the companies for better sales and by understanding the customer’s preferences they get to know which product is in high demand and which is not. With the coming of internet, manufacturers and dealers function online and can cater to a wider range of buyers. They also buy used vehicles for the people at good price and give full trade in value of the car.

Dealers sell both used and new cars. One should buy vehicles only from the trusted and authorized dealers to avoid forgery.

Certification of dealers

Mobility assisted vehicles need a special certificate for road worthiness. Special markings need to be put on the vehicles for plying them on the road. Not all dealers can sell or buy handicap vehicles. An individual should buy his or her vehicles from an authorized dealer. The dealers have to be certified legally by the society of disabled. When a person deals with a certified dealer, he or she is convinced of that dealer’s reputation, integrity and workmanship through the previous customers and testimonials.

Certified consultants

Handicap vehicles need special attentions than normal vehicles. The workings of these vehicles are different from the normal vehicles due to the addition of the special driving aids. A person has to be trained and well equipped about the vehicle workings. Therefore trained consultants are needed to be consulted. A proper and certified consultant can give unbiased information about the various vehicles and their pros and cons. They can guide a person towards the right vehicle to buy. They should be able to give unadulterated time to the person interested, hear his or her case and needs and offer the right solutions. The consultants should be properly qualified and factory trained to be able to do justice.

Certified technicians

The mechanisms of wheelchair accessible vans are different from usual cars and special attention is given to the workings of these vehicles to make the ride convenient and comfortable for the people in wheelchair. These vehicle technicians are specially trained by the factories to be able to work on them. The modifications include hand controls, electric powered driving controls, ramps and lifts, remote sensor adjustable wheelchair seats, foldable seats or seat tie downs. They have a specific controlling and should be tested before selling. The technicians look into their proper workings and run a thorough inspection to check if all the parts meet the legal standards. They help the people to understand how to use and manage the controls. They not only look into the workings before selling but also provide services to the vehicle post selling.

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