Wasps nests are best dealt with earlier in the summer if possible. DIY treatments are not recommended once a nest has become established.

If the nest is accessible to the pest control officer it will be a simple matter of treating it with professional grade insecticides that do not cause the wasps to become excited and overly aggressive. This can be done within 30 to 45 minutes if access to the nest is possible.

As a general rule of thumb, the nest will not be removed at this point in time or any later time as once the nest has been treated all occupants will be destroyed.
This can take up to 48 hours to be completely clear of any returning foraging wasps.

If the customer does want the nest removing this can be arranged to be done at a later time a few days later, this would obviously incur extra costs and it’s not really necessary other than for your own peace of mind because once the nest is dead it usually remains that way.

If for any reason the Wasps are still present after 5 to 7 days we will return and re-treat the site as part of our guarantee.
South Yorkshire pest control does not treat honey bees or any other type of bees unless for some reason they may be a threat to human health.
Honeybees are a protected species and if you suspect you have honeybees on your property the first port of call is a beekeeper who will put you in touch with the beekeepers association.

British Beekeepers Association  – It is sometimes quite easy to confuse a Wasp with the Honeybee so it’s always best to get expert advice on the subject before attempting any kind of treatment etc.

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