Mods4cars has reworked the design of their retrofit SmartTV modules. The Video-in-motion unlocker for BMW is now delivered in a new housing. After installation, the passenger can use and operate the TV and DVD system during the drive. As the SmartTV Box is firmly installed in the vehicle, the function remains permanently.

The company Mods4cars now offers its TV/DVD unblocker, SmartTV, for BMW in a new housing. The retrofitted TV module enables the activation of television and DVD playback while driving. This allows the passenger to use the entertainment technology and play DVDs on longer journeys.

“With our SmartTV control, we offer a well thought-out and professional solution for TV unlocking,” explains PR spokesman, Sven Tornow. The SmartTV module is firmly installed in the vehicle, which is why the functions are maintained even after inspection by a workshop. A button combination on the steering wheel activates and deactivates the TV unblocker.

The manufacturer Mods4cars has now optimised the design of the SmartTV modules. The housing, designed exclusively for Mods4cars, is 30% narrower and can be installed more easily in the vehicle. Two LEDs provide an installation aid and indicate correct installation. Less plastic and the absence of screws make the new case more environmentally friendly.

A standard USB port is attached to the SmartTV module. This allows the installation of software updates, which Mods4cars provides free of charge. With this, the Video-in-motion unlocker always remains up-to-date and does not have to be removed for an upgrade. The SmartTV control can be deactivated as needed. Since no cables are cut through during installation, an untraceable removal is possible at any time.

The Video-in-motion unlocker SmartTV can be used for the BMW models 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 Series, X5 and Z4. Also, the TV unblocker is also offered to car brands like Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Skoda and Volkswagen. The SmartTV module is available from 169,00 Euro + tax.

Mods4cars is also the manufacturer of the SmartTOP, soft top control systems. Produced since 2001, the bright cabriole modules allow the opening and closing of the convertible top while driving with only a touch of a button, as well as the operation of the roof via the original vehicle key from a distance. They are available for all typical convertible and roadster models.

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