Since their beginning in 1926, Mercedes- Benz has prided themselves on providing their customers with world- class vehicles at the best prices. Sandown Lease, based in the South West of England can offer a wide selection of low cost Mercedes cars for lease, as well as a whole host of offers on Mercedes.

The group have been able to expand over the years, and now oversee six dealerships across areas such as Guildford, Hindhead and Poole and aim to provide their expert services for a range of Mercedes contract hires or personal leases on Mercedes.

Sandown offer a wide selection of vehicles to suit any type of living. If you are looking for a more classic vehicle, then the C-class C200 Sport Estate could suit you perfectly. For £329 a month, the Estate provides a comfortable, spacious interior that could easily accommodate multiple passengers, if needed, without feeling too cramped. The enhanced safety technology features ensure that you stay safe whilst driving. Particularly useful are the electronic assistants which, for example, remind you to take a break if you feel tired. This makes it perfect for long drives and the outstanding co2 efficiency means it won’t be as harsh on the environment compared to some of its competitors.

If you’re looking for something a little smaller and more agile, the Mercedes car leasing service from Sandown also offers other models, such as the A-Class A180D SE. With its versatile manoeuvring and compact, innovative engineering, the A-Class provides a contemporary twist to the brand, with a vibrant and unique exterior. The model set a new record for Mercedes- Benz for their lowest Co2 emissions, the A-Class produces only 98g/km, making it ones of Mercedes most eco- friendly cars. However, nothing has been compromised in terms of driving and you are sure to receive the same high level of performance you would expect from any model of Mercedes. With its smaller design, compared to the C- Class, this car would be perfect for those who prefer something a little sportier and at only £195 a month, it won’t break the bank either.

At Sandown Lease, you’re not only given a magnificent selection of Mercedes on lease, but you will also be experience the excellent service of their dedicated customer care team, who endeavour to make your experience run smoothly and find you your perfect, low-cost Mercedes.

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