Tongue tie is a condition that occurs in babies. The thin piece of skin or tissue which attaches the tongue to the lower jaw is so tight that it restricts the movement of the tongue. In case of lip tie, the tissue attaching the lip to the gums restricts movement of the lips. Both these conditions, either together or individually can seriously affect the ability of the baby to breastfeed. In addition to problems with feeding, lip tie can also affect tooth positioning in babies.

While the primary issue of tongue tie and lip tie is feeding, there are several secondary consequences of not treating the condition during infancy. Firstly, since the baby is unable to suck and feed comfortably, it does not thrive. Inadequate breast feeding also affects the mother’s milk production and may finally lead to its termination. Tongue tie may also lead to a difficulty in introducing solid foods as the baby cannot move the tongue to push the food inside.

As the child grows older, there are other negative consequences. The teeth may not erupt properly in children with lip tie. Generally, in babies with the tongue tie condition the palate is narrow, resulting in improper positioning of the teeth. The teeth are overcrowded. Also, a lip tie tends to push the two frontal teeth apart which can cause dental issues as the child grows older. Food particles may get stuck in the teeth as a result of these conditions leading to dental cavities and poor oral health.

It is less traumatic to correct tongue tie and lip tie during infancy rather than performing the surgery later in adulthood. Leaving the condition untreated not only causes problems feeding but also affects the speech of the child. The child may not be able to form certain words; it could also lead to discomfort in the jaw and overall facial structure in adulthood.

There are two ways to correct the problem of tongue tie and lip tie during infancy. One is the use of sterile scissors to cut the tissue and free the tongue and lip. The other method is Laser Dentists. Tongue Tie does not require anaesthesia. The incision is sealed immediately with hardly any loss of blood and so no risk of infection.

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