Turnersville NJ 26-MAY-2015 – The Little Gym of Washington Township is pleased to announce that the facility and its instructors are dedicated to providing children’s gym programs in a way that is fun and exciting. The Turnersville NJ Childrens Gymnastics courses are not dull and repetitious. They encourage children to Get Moving! with age-specific exercises, sports and games. The programs are not random, but are focused on movement, brain development and social skill, all through the use of games.

The surroundings are clean and bright, so that a welcoming atmosphere is maintained. The instructors are trained specifically in the games, routines and activities which they promote. Children are grouped according to age, interests and in some sports–gender. A wide range of sports are available, and throughout the year, most children can find activities which will be of interest.

The course schedule is designed to provide a positive progression for each stage of a child’s growth and development. Courses begin as young as age four months and continue on to twelve years of age. The courses are varied and include movement learning, music and laughter. Each phase of the children’s programs allows youngsters to progress at their individual pace. They develop confidence and develop skills at the same time.

Parents are invited to sign up youngsters for the courses which are most interesting to the child. The “Introductory Experience” will demonstrate how the facility can put some definite fun activity into the life of the youngster. Parents will be comfortable with the activities of the child and the surroundings.

Learn more about The Little Gym programs by visiting the web pages online at http://www.thelittlegym.com/WashingtonTownshipNJ today. Members of the press and those who have further questions regarding the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact the company at the location provided below.

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