Received a call earlier to remove a wasps nest. When I arrived it was a Honey Bee Swarm on the move.They had taken up temporary residence in a bush next to a public walkway.I quickly called the local Beekeepers Association representative and he was there within 20 mins.
We eventually managed to coax the queen and her workers into the transport box and took them away to be placed into an empty Hive all set up and waiting at the beekeepers Apiary.
Great result for the Bees and no more worries for the people walking on the footpath near the Bees.
Good News and a happy ending all round.
If you suspect you have a problem with Wasps always get an expert opinion before doing any form of treatment. Honey Bees are a protected species and a very much needed part of the environment.They can look very similar wasps to an untrained eye.
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