Chip tuning your car is generally pretty simple, and it’s hard to go wrong with the process. However, when Audi tuning goes wrong, it tends to go wrong really and can sometimes completely ruin your car through small, simple mistakes. To help prevent BMW tuning problems, here is a list of some of the most serious mistakes that you want to avoid making.

Doing things in the wrong order

If you carry out your Audi tuning in the wrong order, there are two categories the mistake can fall into. The error can either look bad or end up costing you a lot of money, although sometimes it can fall into both categories! For example, putting skinny wheels on your vehicle then fitting a comprehensive body kit will look ridiculous. However, BMW tuning in the wrong order can be even more costly as parts can become very expensive. You must plan upgrades carefully so that you can avoid having to buy another costly part further down the line.

Putting the car back together wrong

This is a pretty obvious thing that you should do, but if you haven’t taken much notice of exactly you took the car apart, then you may find yourself confused when you’re done chip tuning your vehicle. If you don’t put components back in the right order, then best case scenario your car won’t work until you fix the parts, worst case scenario is that you ruin parts of your car, which can be incredibly expensive to replace. To counter this, take photos after each stage of disassembly that you can refer to, and once you’ve finished your Audi tuning, double and triple check, you’re carrying out assembly correctly.

Don’t sacrifice control for more power

Your car could have all the power in the world, but if it has no control, then you are left with a very dangerous vehicle. In reality, the immense power you can offer your car by BMW tuning your vehicle for the highest performance can only truly be put into practice on long, straight roads, such as Autobahns or American highways. British roads often have lots of turns or junctions leading off and on them, causing congestion and blocking your path if you want to try and zoom down them. Blasting off down short roads is a recipe for disaster, which will lead to either expensive car repairs, a trip to the hospital or worse.

Ignoring restrictions

If one component on your vehicle has a limiter on it, chip tuning your engine or buying other powerful parts won’t have much of an effect. The restrictions on one component also apply to the full vehicle. If you have an engine that is capable of 1,000 brake horsepower, but your turbo is only 350 brake horsepower, then you will have 350 brake horsepower. If the other parts of your car can’t produce the power you want, then all your other hard work will be wasted. If you buy one powerful, expensive part before you look at everything else in your car, this will often lead to you having to buy more and more expensive parts to catch up with the first part.