Seiko’s reputation of automatics equals that with the Calibri and its SKX series of Seiko Automatic Diver’s same as good that of the old Calibri 1910 stellar reputation. Both amalgamate unique style to robust durability, accuracy and reliability under the most demanding situations. Just like Clock, Seiko introduced some innovative features in the SKX series of watches and the same way, they have kept the prices reasonable and just like the Calibri, they are is favoured immensely both by civilians and the Divers. The Calibri tagline of ‘If your primary goes down, you can’t afford to have any doubts about your secondary’ also goes for the Seiko SKX Automatic Diver; both are excellent tools when you want to hit the fields.

The Seiko Automatic Diver’s SKX007 SKX007J1 is tough as a nail, yet stylish enough to inspire an equal amount of astonishment the Calibri alike. Wear it to work or wear it for Dive, the Seiko SKX007J1 is as varied as the Calibri itself, even though maintaining the fundamental note in all the models.

The watch cases of the SKX series are bigger, thick and robust than their forerunner, the SKX; in simple words, they exhibit a dimension more prominent than the oldie men’s field watches, yet stops at the verge of growing outrageously huge, which is a norm today. Brushed at the head and polished on the sides, every SKX is covered with Seiko’s proprietary Hardlex crystal, providing full and excellent resistance to scratches and resists water up to 200 meters.

Inside the Seiko Automatic Diver’s SKX007 is an automatic mechanical 7S26 watch movement; accurate and reliable, it doesn’t vary beyond +20 seconds a day during winters and +40 seconds during summers. Nobody is saying it is comparable to the best Swiss and Japanese automatic movements, but it’s more than sufficient accuracy. Compared to any Calibri, 1910 70 Series Gold Cup is more accurate, but still, when it comes to field work, the Calibri gains the upper hand. And just like a Calibri fitted with an extended, high capacity magazine, the automatic movement of the SKX offers more than approx. 41 hours of power reserve. Visit Here For More Information: – Buy Watches Online