Dallas, TX – Aug 3, 2017: Bloggerkhan announces the release of their new report on Planning Tools and Software for both desktops and mobile devices that can help today’s knowledge workers stay on target and on time.

According to N.K. Babar, a spokesperson for BloggerKhan, “the internet and mobile devices have become common distractions for people today. There are way too many distractions especially on social media, and we tend to lose focus. That results in missed deadlines, lost productivity, unhappy employees and unhappy customers. If left unchecked, it affects our professional growth and our future earnings”.

“How do overcome this challenge without giving up on the internet or social media” Babar adds. “To overcome this challenge and also maintain a perfect life/work balance, we must start using Planning Software and tools. It is important to manage time and chalk out a schedule. Strategizing work helps a person to evaluate their productivity, strengths and weaknesses. Scheduling helps a person to be more focused and cut down distractions” he further suggests.

Time management is an art that requires discipline. We tend to lose focus and miss deadlines. To keep us on track, we need to use technology, and that’s what we discuss in this article.

It is said, “A Goal without a plan is Just a wish”. To attain goals, it is equally important to create a road map. While planning, one needs to schedule tasks and allocate required time for that work. Strategizing work not only enhances one’s analytical skills but also helps a person to evaluate their productivity, strengths and weaknesses. Weekly planning helps a person to be more focused and cut down the useless stuff that people tend to do and thus, enhances efficiency. Chalking out a To-do list help us construct a clear idea about the work done, projects yet to be completed, and plays a significant role in reducing stress quotient.

Time management is an art, which can be executed in our lives through the science of technology. Unlike conventional diaries, in which we used to jot down our schedules, various Weekly Planning software and tools have come up to help people manage and efficiently utilise time. These tools are intelligent applications that not only help people in scheduling tasks but also assists them in carrying out work within a set time frame. The smart applications help people manage their tasks and evaluate their progress by “Progress Trackers” and thus enhances one’s productivity. The tools also help users to share their work list with others and assign tasks. Hence, time management tools help people from all niches to balance their personal and professional work. A Planning software is like a personal assistant that reminds the person about their day-to-day meetings, works to be done, appointments, etc. Though time cannot be saved, it can be only spent but how wisely one spends, is the deciding factor of success and growth.

“There are various weekly planners available today, and the report reviews the major tools, their key features and how they compare relative to your requirements”, Babar explains. To read the report, visit http://bit.ly/planner-tools3