Every woman wishes to get the perfect, full and beautiful lashes all the time. Permanent lashes extension comes with single hair or bouquets are the ideal way to fulfil the dream of beautiful long lashes. This will make you feel and looks naturally good, and like your own, the only difference is the perfect long and fullness. You would not have to worry about mascara and artificial lashes once you have undergone this treatment. Mostly there are three types of extensions available synthetic, silk and mink. Application of a full set of extension takes about two hours and can be maintained all year with recommended care and touch-ups every 3 to 4 weeks. Every woman has different lashes and depending on the condition of its natural lashes the experts can only go to a certain length and thickness.

How does it work?
Single hair or bouquets eyelash extension is glued on your lashes a hair or a bouquet at a time with a durable and harmless special glue. This is done with colour and length customisation as per the client requirement. This will make your eyes look as beautiful as possible, and you would not have to worry about mascara when you get up every morning.

These lashes are available in different length range starting from 6mm and up to 15mm. You will get the option to select what is best for you as per your taste also as per your face shape and eye shape. To get the most beautiful look 7mm to 10mm is the most preferred length of eye lashes. Our experts will be there always to suggest you which will be the perfect one for you, most of the time to get the most beautiful look we recommend the use of different lengths of the outer eyelash, eye centre and inner eyelash, with longest lashes at the outer eyelash.

Most of the women go for the black extensions all though they are available in far more exotic colours as well. These extensions are made of artificial material. You are placed on the back of the treatment chair while applying for your eyelash extensions, the application itself is very relaxed. Most of the women go of the upper eyelashes extensions, as the attachment on the lower lashes would give an artificial appearance. We at Four Seasons Spa make sure to use high-quality glue which will be gentle and will not irritate the eyes with unpleasant vapours during treatment. We also ensure that the results and durability of the treatment are as per your expectation. We will make sure that your lashes remain healthy during the treatment and after as well. This will not destroy your lashes it is just a myth, your lashes will be safe. You have a choice of going for full eye lashes extensions, or if you are not sure about it, if you are doing it for the first time you can start with half a set, 50 to 60 percent of your top lashes.

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