Northumbrian Medical SuppliesHealthcare facilities across the UK are all too aware of the importance of cleanliness and patient experience. The Medical Innovation Bill that has been introduced by Lord Saatchi aims to look at the future of the NHS and discuss the next step for innovation medicines, technology and service delivery.

It is the duty of companies such as North East based Northumbrian Medical Supplies to cater to medical professionals across the country by providing the latest Surgical Supplies, GP supplies and Vet Supplies, all at competitive prices.

The third week in October was home to International Infection Prevention Week, which works to educate healthcare professionals and showcase the work being carried out in order to combat the spread of infection in clinical settings. Only last year the Center for Public Integrity published a report exposing the use of filthy surgical instruments and the serious threat they pose to patients health.

The US based Infection Control Today published an article which said, “As a result, healthcare facilities are turning more often to disposable surgical tools….to protect patients from infection.”

Northumbrian Medical Supplies are stockists of Instrapac who are specialists in single use surgical instruments which can be used in all kinds of settings – GP surgeries, NHS or non-NHS organisations, hospitals and dental surgeries. They offer sterile instruments at a low cost which ensures medical staff are able to provide effective infection control.

As well as Instrapac, Normedica supply other well-known brands such as Swann-Morton Ltd who produce surgical blades and handles and are the preferred choice of surgeons all over the world and Daray Medical – specialists in surgical lights. Visit for all the latest special offers in Surgical Supplies and Vet Supplies.