People who aren’t familiar with cloud computing will hear many stories of how it is unsafe and unreliable from both family and friends. However, the people who spread this rumours, usually have never even used cloud themselves. In fact, using a cloud service such as Concept or Private Cloud, from North East Cloud, can really benefit your business in a number of ways.

North East Cloud offer a range of cloud solutions throughout the North East of England and help any business from small, medium and large sized businesses manage their IT in an effective, good quality way.

If you’re still unsure about moving over to Cloud, here a few of the myths you may have heard about Cloud technology.

Lack of security: this is untrue, in fact the security within the cloud is more likely to tighter than your existing system. Like most technologies, cloud security is evolving every day, people who work for cloud services are usually experts in security and software, like the team at North East Cloud. Your data is in safer hands, instead of in-house administrators who sometimes lack the in-depth IT expertise. At North East cloud they offer private cloud solutions meaning you are the only business using that cloud.

Cloud services are expensive: in the long run cloud computing will save you money; you don’t have to install or buy anything. All of your data is securely hosted in dual locations with North East Cloud therefore, power, maintenance and data refresh costs are taken care of.

Cloud computing is unreliable: At North East Cloud the services are very reliable; with a private cloud service your data is backed up twice daily and can even be backed up every hour if needs be. The systems which Concept Cloud use are built on a resilient cluster of servers and the storage is mirrored at another data centre based in the North East.

Lack of control: with a cloud service you can control your data from almost anywhere and at any time. You may not be able to see where your data is stored (unless you ask the cloud providers to visit the centres!) but you are given admin rights and access.

These are just a few reasons to prove that Cloud Computing is the next big step for all businesses, look out for part 2 of misconceptions of cloud services. If you are interested in setting up a Cloud solution for your business, please visit for more information on the services offered; services include concept and private cloud, hosted exchange and Office 365 management.