Five years ago I decided to have a well-earned break from the hectic working life I found myself in. I sold my company which I had built up from scratch and managed for eighteen years.

It was a busy and stressful eighteen years with huge responsibilities in the healthcare field, looking after the wellbeing of vulnerable people and the organisational structure that went with employing large numbers of staff. 

Although I enjoyed my break, after a while I began to feel like I needed to use my brain again.  I wanted a challenging job, but not one with the same pressures and demands on my time as my previous role.  It was also important to me that what I chose to do would give me a great deal of job satisfaction knowing I was making a positive difference.  I also had to take into consideration that I had chosen to become a foster mum and that would definitely limit my options.  I had made a commitment to look after young children so I needed to be available to them should any emergency arise. 

Flexibility and control over when I work and how many hours I wanted to do were vital as the children I care for can be unpredictable.  I needed the flexibility to able to do the school run and the after-school clubs and all those other family commitments.

I was introduced to Safe or Scam by a friend who suggested I apply to become a licensee.  I was a bit doubtful at first as I didn’t know a lot about scams.  However, the more I looked at it the with the promise of help and training from Safe Or Scam, the more I realised I had skills that would help me to do the job.  My previous role as the manager of a business meant that I was used to researching to get my facts straight, dealing with people and writing reports that an ordinary person could understand.  I was OK with Microsoft Word and could think in a straightforward, methodical way. I could meet deadlines if I needed to but the beauty of this role meant that I didn’t really have deadlines. If something came up that meant I couldn’t finish a report by the time I had promised I would just be honest and say that it would be a few days later. The client didn’t mind because they appreciated what I was doing for them. 

I have always been a motivated person and have a great desire to learn new things.  I have learnt a lot since starting as a licensee for Safe or Scam.  They have shown me how to follow a trail and to always look a little bit wider because you never know what you might turn up.  I find the work really interesting and I get a good feeling when I find out something which unlocks the case.  If being a licensee was just about report writing it would not have been for me.  I really enjoy the investigating process and getting to the truth and as a result, innocent victims have a chance to get all or part of their investment back.  That gives me a lot of satisfaction.

I am a people person and can empathise with the people we are helping.  The people I deal with who have been scammed often feel shame and are embarrassed they have fallen for a scam.  It is part of my job to make them understand they have nothing to be ashamed about.  The scammers are very clever and manipulative.

I am enjoying my role as a licensee for Safe or Scam.  It’s financially rewarding without being too stressful which is nice and there is the potential to earn much more than I ever imagined.  The biggest case we’ve worked on so far is £5 million.

The start-up costs are really low which I liked.  All I needed was a computer, a car to get to meetings, a pen and a pile of scrap paper and I was up and running.  The job satisfaction is great and I get a lot of support and advice from the team.  I am making a positive difference by what I do and I have got my brain working again at last!  I work hours to fit around the needs of my family and social commitments.

The support I have received from head office has been second to none.  As they say ‘we want you to succeed’.  They are always on the other end of the phone or email should I need any advice.  They also do the bits that I used to hate like invoicing, chasing payments and so on. In my past life, I knew how time-consuming those parts of running a business could be. I often work at odd times because that suits me and I have been amazed at how quickly my queries are answered.  It is such a reassurance to know there is someone I can contact at the time I need it – literally night and day.  I’m looking forward to meeting more licensees and working together with the whole team in some really big cases in the future.

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