Have you ever been locked out of your house? Just when you’re all set to go, you realize you’ve forgotten something important in your room; the worst case scenario? You’ve also left your keys! While panicking seems to be the most intuitive thing to do, it would be best to clear your mind and think of a solution to address your concern.

Apart from calling an Emergency locksmith London, there are actually alternative ways on how to find your way inside your humble abode. We’ve rounded them up here for your convenience.

Look for other entry points

First, look for other possible entry or exit points to our house. Look around and you might just be in luck if your back door or sliding glass door is actually unlocked.

If all your doors are locked, you can try looking for an open window. If there is, wedge it wide (or lift it) and climb through so you can enter your house, and take all that you’ve forgotten — including your keys — with you.

Pick the lock or use the credit card technique

If there are no possible entry points, you might want to try to pick the lock. Though this is an acquired skill — and it usually requires a plenty of practice — there’s no harm in trying this one out.

Normally, you would need a tension wrench and a pick for this method, but you can use a paper clip or a hair pin as an alternative.

Channel out the Locksmith London in you and check this quick summary of how to successfully pick a lock:

Place the tension wrench either in the bottom or top of the keyhole

Like what you usually do in a key, apply some pressure and turn the tension wrench

Insert the pick and lift the lock’s pins until the lock opens up.

If your lock is a standard spring lock, you can also resort to the credit card technique. For this one, you’d need a card you won’t mind damaging. Slip the card between the door and the frame — the area where your lock is located. Push it as far as it can before bending it away from your door.

Think of other people who have spare keys 

If you don’t want to stress yourself out in picking the lock, or if you don’t have an unimportant card at hand, you can also think if there are other people who have keys to your house — it could be a family, or a very close friend. Get in touch with them and explain your situation.

Ask your neighbors for help

If none of your family members or friends have a spare key, don’t hesitate to knock at your neighbors’ door and ask for help. Who knows? They might know a thing or two about getting back into your house if you’re locked out. Or perhaps, one of your neighbors is an emergency locksmith London.

Call a locksmith

If you’ve tried out all the alternative methods and you’re still locked out of your house, now’s the time to call a locksmith London. Though this option can cost you bucks, the most important thing is you won’t need to panic anymore and you can go back inside in the most convenient way possible.