Silver Basket, located on New Market Street in Buxton, Derbyshire, provides excellent, handcrafted silver animals that are made by expert and dedicated silversmiths in the Midlands, England. The various skills of crafting silver figures, namely buffing, polishing, metal spinning and engraving all are kept in-house so as to provide highest quality silver items at all times by Silver Basket. All silver products are made using Fine Silver and are also hallmarked accordingly. Because silver will never fall in value, these items are good gifts for all occasions.

There is something decadent and impressive about any Silver Animal as they bring out life in a spacious home and add style to a modern office or apartment along with providing a touch of simplicity and cosiness. A silver horse figure is a great option for gifting anyone or for improving the interior of the house or office. It is an item in the shape of a horse made from excellent quality raw materials. The engraving is done on the face and legs for giving a more elegant look to the item. They act as the perfect gift for horse lovers. Silver will never deplete in value, and the silver horse piece will be treasured for an extended period. These silver horse products from the Silver Basket are the best gift option as they have a beautiful look along with being hallmarked and will also come in cute gift boxes.

It is believed that elephant figures bring good luck to us as they characterize strength, wisdom, stability and power. Silver elephants are beautiful items sold by the Silver Basket and handcrafted from the finest Sterling Silver by the experienced silversmiths. They are hallmarked and are highly appreciated gifts and also help in enhancing the interior of any office or home. They are widely appreciated for their perfect finish and lovely craftsmanship from the Silver Basket.

Silver metal has its impact and magnificence when handcrafted and polished in the most beautiful way to give a ravishing look. Sterling silver items from the Silver Basket are great products, which are easily cared for and appreciated.

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