No matter what time of year it is, you’re always guaranteed to find some little critter casually walking across the living room or hiding in your cupboards waiting to greet you. Usually you never give them a warm welcome either, some people react straight away by killing the insects, whereas other people collect the insect in the nearest glass and take it in the garden. However, what many people don’t realise is that while the insects have been living in their home, they have been laying eggs and breeding, which can lead to an infestation in many homes. Kill Line, based in Newcastle and Middlesbrough in the North East of England, are a PEST control company who deal with a number of PEST both in domestic and commercial environments.

Spiders, carpet beetles, cluster flies are just a few of the insects which we find in our homes. There are a number of reasons why insects will come into your home during any season; here are just a few.

During the summer, it’s warm in your house so you want to let the air run through your home by leaving your windows open. It’s not only the air that will manage to come into your home though; flies, spiders and wasps can usually fly in through the smallest of gaps. In order to reduce the amount insects in your home, close your windows while you’re not in the house or put a fly net against your doors and windows.

During the winter months, the weather is cold and groggy and no doubt you wouldn’t want to sleep and eat outside 24-7. So this is why the insects march towards any warm area, looking for food, water and shelter to survive the harsh winter months.

Food, the number one attraction for houseflies. It is usually the warm summer months which attract the flies and they lay eggs almost anywhere creating a huge breeding ground in your home.

For more information regarding insect or any other PEST control in the North East of England, please visit Kill Line are a professional, friendly, specialists in the safe removal of rats, fleas, wasps, mice, bees and insects.