Let’s admit it; not everyone is born to be a model and even those who take countless of selfies every day find it hard to pose correctly when someone else is taking their pictures. There’s no shame in admitting that not all of your angles are photogenic. Thankfully, even the most awkward of us can turn to the tips of a young and talented photographer with a big heart.

Here are some easy to follow and convenient tips to remember the next time you’re about to have a photo shoot:

1. Positioning The Hair

Most people tend to forget that their hair plays a big part when it comes to photographs. It is a part of the body that can easily be controlled and moved during a photo shoot, so don’t forget to find the right position. A subject with a bad hair is very distracting on the final photo, so make sure you know which side your hair looks the best for your face.

Ask your photographer to take different test shots when possible to see which position is best suited for your face.

2. The Secret Of The Chin

A subject who is standing in a reasonable and relaxed position with proper posture will end up with an unsightly double chin in their photo. No matter how skinny or fit you are, the flab of skin under the chin will be captured by the photographer. To get rid of this double chin effect, merely pull the chin or your ear a little forward to create some space between your chin and neck. The results will be amazing, and you will never worry about having a second chin in any picture again!

3. Make The Arms Look Smaller

When taking a portrait that includes more than just the face, the normal standing position will consist of the arms being placed right at the sides. This creates some problems for the resulting picture. First, the position will make you look very stiff, uncomfortable, and unnatural. Second, the arms will get flattened, expand, and look much more significant than they are.

Take it from a friendly, young and talented photographer with a big heart and lift your arm slightly for the photo. This will make you look more natural while also trimming down the size of your arm significantly.

4. Find The Right Face Angle

When taking a picture, make sure to position your face in a particular angle that is away from shots taken head-on. The absence of shadows on your face will result in your face looking broader and more significant than it is in real life. Try tilting your chin either a little upward or downward to create a better shot.

To make the photo look more natural, look at something that is a little above the line of sight, looking directly at the camera might result in you looking stunned.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try Different Poses

Experiment a little to find the best angles for your face shape and your entire body. Look into hiring a young and talented photographer with a big heart to help you gain more confidence with every shot they take!