It can, unfortunately, be a common occurrence witnessing cars try and tow massive haul loads, which are unsafe. Seeing this on the road can be very unnerving, causing drivers to keep their distance or quickly overtake, and in worst case scenarios be involved in a crash. You don’t want to add to this statistic when towing your enclosed vehicle trailer. So, this means you need to know how to identify a safe car to box van trailer weight combination. To help with your understanding of this, the following article should help.

Often, the most common mistake with such a scenario is mistaking the box van towing ratings. Towing ratings are one thing to consider, but there are still many other factors to keep in mind before deciding the set-up is safe to tow. No matter what load you are carrying on your enclosed vehicle trailer, the laws still apply. Regardless of load contents, such rules are outlined based on towing weights, license and the capacity of the car used to tow. Along with this, there are other technical areas you need to fulfil such as installing box van trailer lighting and brakes.

As well as the above, you also must make sure your driving ability is up to standard. Most can deal with a small box van carrying gardening equipment, but perhaps not one carrying another car. Instead, this needs more knowledge, planning and experience to tow successfully.

The legal license requirements for towing a box van includes possessing a full driver’s license. If you obtained this before 1997, you would find more flexibility with what you can tow, which is a maximum of 8.25 tonnes of weight for the car and enclosed vehicle trailer together. On the contrary, those who got their driver’s license after 1997 will find their opportunities more limited; with a combined maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes for the car and trailer together.

Having covered license requirements for legally and safely towing a box van trailer, it’s time you understand the limitations of some equipment. Thankfully, what makes this process much easier is the owner’s handbook, which will cover what towing capacities and numbers are right for your model. Remember the weights can vary depending on gearbox and engine combinations.

In addition to the above, it’s useful to know what your trailer can handle, along with your car’s towing capacity. Furthermore, this will provide understanding for what limitations can occur with your trailer and the law. Collating all this information will help with staying in line with law requirements for driving on the road.

The regulations for legally towing a trailer or caravan involve its width and length, mirrors, tow bars, brakes, lighting and number plates. So, it’s vital to familiarise yourself with these numbers to avoid trouble with the law. Along with this, if you find yourself worried about not being able to handle the driving experience when towing a trailer, there are lessons available to ensure your skills are at a safe standard. The lessons help with your manoeuvring skills and knowledge of loading a trailer and attaching it to a car safely.

If you still have questions left unanswered, there are professionals at hand to help.