It seems like everywhere you turn these days people are choosing eco-friendlier options. This includes choosing manufacturers and companies that care more for the environment rather than continue to add to the waste problem. Some might think that this is just a trend that will eventually dissolve, just like many others, but in truth, there might be something more to going paperless than just pleasing your customers.

Transitioning to a Paperless factory is a major move for manufacturers, but it is worth it in the long run. How? Here are the benefits that come with enhancing line performance via paperless solutions:

Benefit #1: Accurate And Timely Incident Reports

Workers in a factory who need to report any incidences are required to fill out the paperwork before anything can be processed. This will then be submitted to a manager who will log the report in an excel file or another type of digital report. Usually, during this simple exchange, several misinterpretations occur and the report is no longer very accurate when it reaches the departments concerned.

All of this will be eliminated when the employees can simply type down their reports via a digital portal and submit their reports directly to the department head.

Benefit #2: Faster Response Time

When the proper department heads are informed of any incidents that require immediate assistance they can go into action quickly. Instead of wasting time waiting for the machines to be fixed or replaced, line performance is barely, or not at all affected. No money is lost and productivity is not hindered because of reduced manufacturing speeds.

Benefit #3: Enhanced Communication

By creating a paperless factory communication becomes transparent for all those concerned. Updates are easily sent to department heads and bosses at a click of a button and they are all given the reports on time. Those that are higher up in the company’s hierarchy can then add their comments and questions to these reports which can be seen in real-time.

Any questions and concerns are addressed in a very effective manner which will help the entire manufacturing company as a while.

Benefit #4: Instant Instructions

Giving employees at the manufacturing line access to daily updates via a digital portal makes giving out specific instructions easier. There is no need to talk to each working station to place a piece of paper containing news updates and specific instructions that might even go unnoticed. When the announcements are blasted digitally, everyone is notified and the spread of information is faster.

Benefit #5: Enhanced Privacy

When there a feedback is given and it should be kept private for any reason, sending them out via paper is not secure. On the other hand, manufacturing floor feedback sent through a digital hub is very private and there is very little chance of curious eyes reading or seeing them. This protects both the company and the staff members concerned.

Going paperless is a big step for major manufacturing companies, but it is the step in the right direction. Say goodbye to paper memos and instructions and say hello to a more advanced digital manufacturing plant.