Northumbrian Medical SuppliesThe North East of England can sometimes seem fraught with scary health statistics compared to the South, but with better care and the right medical equipment supplies, companies like Northumbrian Medical Supplies are there to help combat this. As a leading online supplier for health professionals and business customers across the UK, they are equipped with the best quality brand names and all at a competitive price.

One such brand is Seca, who provide ECG machines which are vital tools for screening cardiac abnormalities. This week was National Cholesterol Week in aid of the fact that coronary heart disease is the UK’s biggest cause of death, and 3 in 5 people have high cholesterol which can lead to cardiac arrest.

According to the charity British Heart Foundation over 31,000 people die of coronary heart disease in England’s North East each year – higher than anywhere else in the country. Professor Stephen Singleton OBE, Medical Director for the North of England explained that in despite of this fact; the number of people dying from heart disease has ‘reduced faster than anywhere else due to better care’.

Seca products are available to buy from Northumbrian Medical Supplies, who are independently and privately owned and cater not only to the North East, but all over the UK. They also offer medical equipment supplies from other top brands such as, Instrapac, Propulse and Labcold.

With years of experience in medical supplies and long established relationships with their suppliers they are able to provide outstanding customer service and even deliver for free in the North East for those with an account which can be easily set up by visiting their site at Other product ranges on the site include GP supplies, Surgical Supplies and Vet Supplies.