Driving not only gives a sense of freedom but also exhilarates the spirit of the disabled people. The process of driving a vehicle on their own can be made a comfortable and safe process by installing hand controls.

Hand controls as driving aids

People with disabilities can drive their own vehicles without any external human assistance with the help of various driving aids such as hand controls, ramps and lifts and adjustable seats. Driving aids which are attached to the steering panel and which allows the disabled people to drive on their known is known as hand controls. A variety of hand controls, of different sizes and shapes are available in the market which are very space efficient. Due to their ability to fit in any space, they can be installed in any size vans, be it mini or maxi. These hand controls helps in operating the foot pedals by hand and also help with the other functioning of the car for the disabled people who have limited finger dexterity.

Disability and hand controls

Hand controls are beneficial for the handicapped people as these driving aids help them take up the driver’s seat and drive the vehicle comfortably. These hand controls have allowed the people who are disabled from birth, are disabled veterans of war, disabled due to some accident or disease, and are people with prosthetic limbs or with paralytic attacks to drive their vehicles on their own. Due to the invention of hand controls and other driving aids, the sense of disability has been lifted from the minds of the disabled people.

Functioning of hand controls

Hand controls are fitted on the steering panel of the vehicle and are secured properly to the steering panel so that they remain in a fixed position. These controls allow secured and comfortable driving experience to the disabled people. The hand controls are the driving aids for the different engine functioning of the vehicles such as braking and acceleration. An enhancement is made between the car pedals and the hand controls. A lever or handle as a hand control is attached to the steering panel and people with various degrees of disability and limited hand movement ability can use this lever or handle effectively. For instance, pushing the handle towards the dashboard puts brakes on the vehicle and pulling the lever towards the driver accelerates the car. The lever/handle needs only feather-touch and hence can be used by any disabled person.

Other functions of hand controls

Other than braking and acceleration functionality of the vehicles through hand control system of handle or lever, the hand controls for vans are of different types such as steering knobs which helps with steering purposes, the gear lever, electronic hand control switches for windshield wipers, blinkers etc., and the right hand turn signal. All these different types of hand controls functions altogether in order to provide the disabled driver with a comfortable and good driving experience. With the help of all the available driving aids a person with even greater degree of disability can drive the vehicle with great ease.

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