It’s a digital era now!
By using Zoom Visual’s digital signage, you can now turn your poster and static image into digital image or video and increase efficiency in your marketing and promotion campaign. With it Full HD resolution, you can come as close as one arm length in viewing it, and it’s still bright and sharp!

What is digital signage? Digital signage is a LED TV. Just like your home TV, it comes in different sizes from 32’ up to 94’. It can also be the android base. The differences for a digital signage and home TV are the usage and performance. For home TV, you can only play 8 hours a day and only displayed in landscape, whereas a DS can play up to 24/7 and able to show as landscape as well as portrait. DS can be easily controlled by software with it media play to upload and content by using LAN, IP address or cloud. It also has very slim bezel as little as 1.6mm so that if you build up a video wall, you won’t get distracted by those Thick bezel like your home TV.

It’s easy!
Only simple installation is required. The set-up is not complicated at all. With our user-friendly software and control system, uploading of contents by just clicking on your keypad. Saving labour cost on changing poster. Distance control is available!
It’s attractive!
By using Zoom Visual’s digital signage, it beautifies your premises. It looks trendy and high tech. Most importantly, the whole measure is to attract attention and eyeballs.
It’s affordable!
Using tech equipment does not mean it will cost you a bomb. In fact, it is truly affordable. This minimum investment shortens your ROI.
It’s versatile!
Zoom Visual’s Digital signage can be used in varies way. For example, digital menu, digital poster, promotional signboard, directories, video wall, conference meeting and presentation, security monitoring and more. It also comes in interactive and non-interactive, meaning touch screen and non-touch screen as well as indoor and outdoor usage. It is portable too!