As summer rolls around, and brings the school holidays with it, it is more likely that a vast majority of people will be packing up their cars and roof racks Leeds ready to go on holiday, but they may have not taken the correct measures to ensure that their vehicles will safely reach their destinations. It is one thing to ensure that you are taking the right amount of clothing and provisions with you inside your vehicle or on your roof bars Newcastle, but there are also a lot of checks you should carry out to make sure that your vehicle is prepared for a long journey in the heat!

If you’re planning on a really long journey, or you haven’t had it done in a while, it can be a good idea to put your car in for service a couple of weeks before you’re due to depart. There’s nothing worse than getting half-way to your destination, car and roof racks Newcastle laden with luggage, and then your car packs up on the middle of the motorway! If there are any nagging little issues you’ve noticed with your vehicle, make sure to get them looked at before they become a bigger problem further down the line.

There are a few checks that drivers can do to their cars themselves. Ensure that you have liquid in your screen wash reservoir; a mixture of water and screen wash works best to keep your windscreen looking its cleanest! Make sure your engine has enough water and oil to keep it running properly too. If these are not filled to an appropriate level, they can cause your car to stop working and damage the engine. It’s one thing getting the kids settled and into the car with the luggage in the boot and on your roof racks Leeds, but that’s no good if your car breaks down on your way!

Speaking of roof bars Newcastle or roof racks Newcastle, there are a few important guidelines you need to follow to make sure they are being used safely. They will often come with a detailed manual containing instructions on how to attach the roof racks Leeds to your vehicle safely and these guides must be read and followed to prevent the roof bars Newcastle from detaching from your car whilst you are driving! It is also important not to overload your roof racks Newcastle as this can cause them to come loose or open. The guidelines for this value should be present on the manual too, so make sure to stick to it to avoid incident.

Usual long journey precautions apply, such as taking plenty of breaks. If you feel yourself starting to get tired, either swap driving responsibility with a passenger (provided they are insured on the vehicle obviously), stop at services to stretch your legs and have a caffeinated drink or if the journey is really long or you’re particularly tired, have a stop-over break at a motel or hotel.