When you’re thinking of shipping something or having it delivered, you don’t know how far it will go. If you are having fragile products shipped, then there are quite a few problems that you might encounter. These problems can result in the package being broken when it arrives. This can cause headaches for both sides of the indication. That’s why you’ll want to know what potential problems your package might face.

Here are four common problems that plague those that ship packages long distance. Also, here are some solutions so that your product would be able to reach its destination in one piece.

Improper Handling

One of the problems that you will first notice is that your package will go through the hands of many people. If you know your people, they will sometimes not be that attentive, or they can get lazy. This means that a package may end up being thrown around or dropped on the floor. This can be bad news, especially if your package is of the fragile sort.

The trouble is that it can be hard to prove that your package has been handled. If it does break, the shipper can say it was not on their end. That is why buying impact indicators would be a good idea since they help show where the improper handling happened. With them on your package, you’ll know who to blame.

Varied Environments

The world’s temperatures and climates are not the same. Your home base might be in a temperate area, but the destination might be somewhere in the tropics or a hot zone. This can affect your deliveries. Depending on what you are delivering, you may want to label that the distribution needs to avoid becoming wet or something similar. There are various ways that the climate can damage your package. Water can seep in and destroy electronics, while too much exposure to the sun can heat up the inside of your package badly. You’ll want to label your package on how it should be kept dry or in a cool place.

Wrong Packaging

Another problem that can face fragile products while they are shipped is improper packaging. If you are sending something delicate, you will want to get some packing nuts or something similar to cushion the inside of your box. Additionally, you will want a sturdy box that will be able to handle the strain of the delivery. You don’t even have to splurge – pure newspaper padding can do a lot in ensuring that your package is kept safe and sound.

Mistaken Labeling

A mistake in labels can end up with broken contents. If you don’t tell your shipper that they need to place a package on top of that they need to keep the package level, you may end up with a very broken piece product. Clearly label which side is up so that your package isn’t accidentally placed upside down. Additionally, you may want to buy tilt sensors and put them on the box. This ensures your package is correctly handled.