lucion-headerOver the last decade legislation surrounding the management of asbestos has been strengthened to account for the workers and people who have been exposed to the substance and are now at risk of an asbestos related disease.

Fortunately, Lucion Environmental  are a UK-wide company with 10 years experience in the surveying, identification and analysis of asbestos containing materials. They are dedicated to training their clients on how to effectively manage asbestos, both in built and marine environments, and have seven offices across the country.

Lucion Environmental are at the forefront of asbestos consultancy, offering impartial trusted advice and professional services such as Asbestos Fibre Air Monitoring, Asbestos Abatement Consultancy and various Asbestos Surveys. Lucion’s main aim is to spread awareness amongst business owners, surveyors, law firms and anybody else involved in asbestos management and to offer the right training to those people.

As leaders in the debate surrounding the UK’s asbestos problem, Lucion Environmental have gathered together Europe’s most authoritative speakers on the matter and organised a major conference in Manchester on November 27th at the Hilton Deansgate. Now in its fourth year, Asbestos The Truth is a one day event which combines extensive research with a panel of experts who are key industry figures.

This year will see Philip Blond, founder of think tank ResPublica chair the live debate alongside panellists who will include Asbestos in Schools campaigner Michael Lees, and Professor John Bridle of Asbestos Watchdog. Key speakers will also include Dr Liam Fox, North Somerset MP, Sir Robert McAlpine, Land Quality Management, The Ambassador Partnership and Join Union Asbestos Committee.

In order to keep up with legislative changes from the Health and Safety Executive on the management of asbestos, the ‘Asbestos The Truth’ conference was set up to provide practice advice and to keep clients informed on the changes that are happening within the industry. Training is integral to combating the amount of people exposed to the toxic substance, and alongside this one day event Lucion work tirelessly throughout the year offering Asbestos Training Courses to their clients.

To register for the event visit or contact the events team on 0191 461 8999.