When in any organisational change takes place, then there are numerous activities which need to be performed after the implementation of change. Change application is just the beginning of change process; there are a lot of steps involved in this process. Before the implementation of any change, there are also some previous year results available for the company to review. To estimate the effect, the change left on business needs to be measured, to understand the present condition of a company.

Management of change is necessary to avoid any adverse effect and able to increase the effectiveness of present change concept. To do so, there is need to prepare the proper portfolio of change. The collection of change need to be regularly verified by the change manager to take full control of the changed atmosphere, with the help of this portfolio company is very much able to define the impact of changing technology and tools to the concerned people. Such as if shareholders of the company want to know the result of improved techniques to safeguard its investment And employer also wants to know that whether they have performed well or not with the changed method and if not then the company can introduce training programs regarding the new techniques and new approaches.

Change Impact Analysis Tool will help in performing the function of estimating the impact of change. Change impact analysis tool will assist in the identification of potential change consequences. A company will be able to know the present condition of the business and can evaluate the effect of the modification in future. Apart from this change impact analysis tool also help in achieving the desired result concerning change implementation program. This tool will assist the shift manager to understand what needs to be modified to achieve targeted change result and also helps in the accomplishment of that. In the due sequence of performing the function of change impact analysis; there is the requirement of Change Impact Software. This is the software which will perform continuous watch on the implications of the broken system.

Nowadays there are some companies are available who are helping the big or small organisation to go with changed tools and technology. These companies have a lot of software available for the measurement of change impact. Every company has its advantages and disadvantages. It is the responsibility of an organisation to select the best option available. There is a corporation named The Change Compass. The best company to choose from, due to of it is after sale services, such as help in tool implementation, consultancy, and training to the employee.