Energy consumption is a very prominent topic in our current government, and an increased awareness in the effects that carbon emissions have on our environment are made aware to us through the media.

Buildings and their usage account for almost half of the total energy consumption in the UK, causing widespread concern on what the effect of such usage will have in our immediate future.

Energy performance certificates, or EPC’s as they’re known, were made a legally required document in 2008 for anyone selling or renting out a property. EPC testing allows property to be aware not only of how efficient their building currently is, but also how that efficiency can be improved both short term and long term.

Obtaining an EPC requires testing from a certified assessor, such as leading North East based firm Green Zone Surveys, who are independent and provide building compliance services.

One of the biggest culprits when it comes to poor building efficiency is the operation of an air conditioning system. In addition to an Energy Performance Certificate, if the building runs air con, a TM44 air conditioning inspection is now required by law. Again, Green Zone Surveys are specialist and qualified in ACIs and handle a number of significant clients throughout the UK and Ireland.

If you are concerned about lack of compliance in your building, or require advice on TM44 or the EPC register, please visit, where you will find a wealth of information on the next steps you need to take.