Alexander Principle (, a renowned provider of Alexander Technique lessons, aims to help everyone identify and lose the poor movement habits they have acquired over the years. The lessons offered at Alexander Principle are likewise beneficial to actors, public speakers, and swimmers.

Bad posture or movement habits are usually caused by anxiety or stress. When not corrected or eliminated, these habits can greatly contribute to neck or back pain and other life-long health issues. Alexander Principle seconds this notion and so they offer comprehensive Alexander Technique lessons to help individuals overcome their poor habits.

The lessons from Alexander Principle are conducted by its founder, Susanna Scouller herself. Susanna had greatly benefitted from the Alexander Technique when she suffered from a mild case of Multiple Sclerosis. She then trained to become a qualified Alexander Technique in order to re-educate people on how to move with grace and efficiency.

Alexander Principle and Susanna Scouller had already helped a lot of people live a more comfortable life. According to one of their clients, “I definitely feel less stressed at work, which is pretty bizarre, because work is pretty stressful right now”.

For those who are interested in taking up lessons from Alexander Principle, each session usually lasts for 45 minutes. Upon completing the sessions, participants are expected to lose every bad posture habit they have acquired so they can move more freely and comfortably. Furthermore, students will also learn new powerful skills of thinking which can be very useful in improving balance and poise.

Alexander Principle also reminds all interested parties that they will remain fully clothed during the Alexander Technique lessons. However, their shoes will need to be removed. Also, it’s highly advisable for students to wear trousers that are not tight fitting so they could feel more relaxed and comfortable during the sessions.

Alexander Principle has been committed to providing great and informative lessons since its inception. They have already helped numerous clients overcome back pains, decrease stress and anxiety, and eliminate poor posture habits. This has greatly contributed to the commendable reputation that Alexander Principle has established. Also, because of the experience that has already acquired in the trade, taking their lessons would surely be worth the time and money.

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About Alexander Principle     

Alexander Principle is highly dedicated to providing comprehensive Alexander Technique lessons throughout the UK. Headed by a qualified Alexander Technique instructor, Susanna Scouller, Alexander Principle’s lessons are guaranteed to eliminate your harmful postural or movement habits. For more information, go to If you have written enquiries, you can send an email via To speak with someone directly, please call 020 7821 0007.