The innovative software and media development company have announced the opening of its operations. The company offers simple and elegant solutions to all the companies that want to grow their businesses.

Digitec, the company that specialises in the development of innovative software and media solutions, announces its opening. The company wants to become a go-to place for all the startups and established corporations that want an original approach to their problems. All the solutions that Digitec provides are centred around the demands of their clients and executed with taste.

Digitec’s driving idea is simplicity – we tailor each solution to the needs and expectations of our clients. We provide customer-centred services and craft solutions that are centred around the personal and business needs of our partners,” said a Marketing Manager at Digitec. “At this point, we have already developed innovative and media solutions for e-commerce, applications, and small business. It is only the beginning – with Digitec we want to be the place where we would have went ourselves if we needed help.”

As was mentioned, Digitec has two core competenciesDigitec Media and Digitec Innovations. The company offers the following services:

  • Digitec Innovations: Web development, Mobile app development, Game Development, UX/UI Design, AR/VR Development, Blockchain Apps
  • Digitec Media: Digital Marketing, Prepress Support Solutions, Graphic Design, Computer Generated Imagery, Content Writing, Photography

The company has already developed applications and media solutions for Symbolism, Pep, and All of those projects are different, but Digitec approached them with equal care and originality. The company is transparent in its processes and wants to share its thinking with the world. You can look through the detailed descriptions of each project at the website in the portfolio section. Commitment to excellence is part of the company’s culture. Digitec wants not only to solve others’ problems but also grow and develop with every project.

About Digitec

Digitec is an Armenian-based company that provides a full spectrum of custom-tailored creative software and media solutions for corporations and startups. The company commits to meeting the diverse expectations of all of their clients. It offers services in all stages of the software development lifecycle and a broad spectrum of media services.