It’s a dream for every woman to wake up beautiful and put together. Time has come to make this dream reality with permanent makeup. For beauty and health industry, cosmetic tattooing is a fast becoming a reality. Permanent makeup can visually diminish natural flows such as asymmetrical features and discolouration, but this has to be performed by very well-trained professional. Eyeliner or Lip colour looks more natural if they are done with permanent than regular makeup, this is also ideal for people with an active lifestyle, athletes and those who have personal limitation such as bad vision. It is also the best solution for the people who have Alzheimer’s or Parkinson disease. This procedure is beneficial, and it is an excellent solution for everyday busy women and frequent travellers, it is also a great feeling of not worrying about makeup will run or stain the outfit.


If you are looking for perfect lips 24/7 then there could not be any better option than lips permanent makeup treatment, it allows to enhance the beauty of natural lips and correct the asymmetry also add definition and fullness to your lips. With the help of this treatment, it is possible to de-emphasise age lines around lips and correct fading colour of the lips that is always associated with ageing. The desired effect can be achieved for your lips as the colour is customised for every client as per their complexion.


You can save everyday make up time by using permanent eyeliner makeup treatment. It is highly recommended for women who wear pencil or liquid eyeliner daily and would like to save time on applying it. It will never run and always have a beautiful shape that is professionally drawn; this is one of the greatest advantages it has. Also, this can be applied to either lower or upper line or both. No need to use liquid eyeliners, no running of the colour, customised shape and colour, can be applied to both lines.


One can also get permanent lash effect done with this treatment, this is ideal for people who would like to enhance their lash line and create an appearance of fuller lashes. This is ideal for people with light, sparse natural lashes as it allows to achieve fuller looking eyelashes. This is a one-time solution for the women who use eyelash extensions and do not wish to get frequent refills. You will get fuller lashes effect, less refills, natural looking customised colour.

This is also recommended for the people who had permanent makeup done before but would like to correct the shape and colour or overall improve the appearance of their lips eyebrows or eyeliner. Depend on the condition we use both colour adjustment and shape correction methods during the revision of old makeup. We use a different type of technique depending on the client’s need; the basic idea is to get the desired look and perfection for your long-lasting beauty. This treatment is about implementing a corrective pigment colour to the faded area to neutralise it to be more natural shade.