CloudGen is excited to announce the addition of Salesforce to our extensive services portfolio.  As an industry leader in digital innovation and integration, the company is regularly being engaged to rearchitect and troubleshoot Salesforce integrations delivered by others.  To better serve our customers and give Salesforce initiatives that meet the real-time data needs of business, CloudGen has launched a dedicated Salesforce team to provide end-to-end implementation and ongoing operational services.  The creation of this group took nearly a year to properly staff and embed within our company other practices, but the benefits have already helped customers speed through previous challenges and improve their Salesforce capabilities.

CloudGen’s Salesforce Practice offers:

  • Initial Salesforce design and implementation.
  • Seamless enterprise integrations between Salesforce and existing systems.
  • Customizations to meet workflow and reporting needs.
  • Operational release and test management for code and Salesforce upgrades.
  • Migration from Salesforce classic to Lightning.

As with any practice area CloudGen launches, the focus is value and quality for customers.  By combining the focus of Salesforce and Integration, CloudGen’s event-driven approaches can now provide the agility and ongoing extensibility needed to bolster competitiveness.

When the world’s largest banks, retailers, and governments seek digital innovation, they rely on CloudGen.  As a leading technology firm specialising in digital integration across enterprise platforms, we have successfully enabled hundreds of companies to realise their vision quickly and secure their success.

CloudGen delivers cutting-edge innovations driving digital transformations. Through in-depth knowledge and experience spanning every industry, we provide the strategic guidance and technological approaches to improve every facet of competitiveness.  Regardless of where a firm is on its digital journey, we can deliver new efficiencies to reduce project spends, add agility, and architect a services-centric future.

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