If you love the flavours of single pot rice dish made from premium basmati rice and halal chicken, then Biryani from the new age delivery services offered by Biryani On Wheels is the right choice for your family. Chicken biryani is a lovely combination of spiced rice and chicken. The beautiful thing about a biryani is that it is a complete dish in itself and is quite juicy to have. Biryani On Wheels is a recently launched catering service started to satisfy taste buds of chicken biryani loving people at McMaster University area. The team at Biryani On Wheels has introduced halal sizzling chicken biryani, delivered to McMaster University.

The spokesperson at Biryani On Wheels says, “Cooked with the authentic spices maintaining original aroma of biryani; we are serving the sizzling halal biryani to our customers at McMaster University area!”

So, if you are craving for chicken biryani, all you need to do is select your biryani from 4 serving options, your time slot and order chicken biryani online now! Biryani On Wheels offers Free delivery! Biryani on Wheels offers a number of taste and preparation variations possible for biryani and these variations commonly available at Biryani On Wheels includes Chicken Biryani – Regular, Chicken Biryani – Regular Combo, (Includes a can of coca cola), Chicken Biryani – Large and Chicken Biryani – Large Combo(Includes a can of coca cola).

This speciality dish is soon to become a favorite recipe for people residing in McMaster University, Hamilton area but even the visitors to McMaster University will make sure to enjoy this speciality, whenever in the town.

Biryani is not so easily available at restaurants in the majority of places in McMaster University area. At the same time making biryani at home is challenging because of the long and time-consuming method of preparation for biryani, and one also needs the expertise to prepare delicious biryani at home. It is, therefore, a difficult for Biryani lovers to relish this dish on a daily basis. With Biryani on Wheels catering to satiate your taste buds, you can enjoy the meal anytime.

About Biryani on Wheels:

Biryani on Wheels is a service introduced to provide halal sizzling chicken biryani for students and residents of McMaster University area. They offer free delivery with options from regular, large or combo. Moreover, you may select your preferred time slot when you want biryani to be delivered!