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Colucci Shares With Young Adults

1888 PressRelease – A successful attorney, investor, speaker and entrepreneur, Colucci has written a new book that is a guide for every high school and college student to distinguish between survival and success. 1888...

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Gripping Tale from Author Cheryl Bannerman

Cheryl Bannerman, a published author who uses her fictional characters to explore life’s harder, more emotional topics, such as depression, suicide, molestation, and domestic abuse, has officially released her second novel:...

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The Christmas Mouse Inspires Families

The latest in holiday children’s literature, The Christmas Mouse, is soon to become a classic that families will read every December. Oshkosh, WI (USA), October 01st, 2016 — The latest in holiday children’s literature, The...

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Can People Change? These Rough Bikers

Bible Bikers: Live Ridin’ on the Road to Redemption offers hope to those who have struggled with crime, addiction, and prison. Los Angeles, CA (USA), September 15th, 2016 — Bible Bikers: Live Ridin’ on the Road...

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IJTRE Journal Reserach

Welcome To IJTRE International Journal for Technological Research in Engineering is Peer Reviewed Journal. IJTRE is not limited to a specific aspect of science and engineering but is instead devoted to a wide range of subfields...

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Newly Released Dagah: The Great Fish

Author Victoria McCarty Pens a Heartfelt Children’s Story of Faith and Trust. Baltimore, MD (USA), August 26th, 2016 — We are familiar with the story of Jonah, a Bible story of epic proportions told of a man who is...

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