Bluebell Shepherd Huts are honoured to be building traditional heritage shepherd huts for a new generation. The stunning huts evoke images of rural idylls and times gone by and are proving popular for glamping, bed & breakfast accommodation and a variety of other uses.

Visitors are loving the traditional style and vintage appearance offering an exceptional holiday experience.

The huts offer memories of childhood innocence and long-lost hot summer days.

A typical hut is between 14 and 20 feet long and around 8 feet wide, so the space inside is generous.

The starting point for each hut is a traditional cast iron wheeled chassis on which solid timber frames are built to form the hut itself and then topped with corrugated tin. Inside the walls are timber clad, with solid timber flooring.

You can opt to have a kitchen or bathroom installed, and a pot-bellied stove makes a perfect addition and offers all year occupancy.

With country rustic or shabby chic vintage furniture modified to accommodate every convenience, the experience is complete.

Canvas canopies extend the tradition and allow outdoor spaces to soak up the calming atmosphere.

For more information about buying a shepherd hut contact us on 01661 855 311 / 07760 165408