ABCOR is one of the cleanest metal processing companies in Australia. Along with attaching great emphasis on professional competence and environmental friendliness, ABCOR also ensures the best possible operating equipment and optimal working conditions for employees.
Premier Door Systems Pty Ltd located in Campbellfield, Australia is a long-standing partner of the German specialist for high-speed industrial doors, EFAFLEX. This partnership helps maintain the high standards of installation and quality associated with EFAFLEX High-Speed Doors.
Premier Door Systems is proud of their association with EFAFLEX and ABCOR and recently installed 6 EFA-STT-L doors into the harsh environment of the metal polishing bays at ABCOR, where quality and technology is of the highest order.
“… is, without doubt, the investment in technically sophisticated, modern equipment contributes to our success” explains John Kaias, Director of ABCOR. “…the doors of EFAFLEX contribute to providing customer design fulfilment of production requirements, for both local and international companies”.
Andrew Bykersma, General Manager of Premier Door Systems, said “To be able to offer the customers a world-class production facility, means continuous growth and improvement in the manufacturing sector, despite both local and overseas competition. The function, performance and high-quality appearance of EFAFLEX doors are an integral part of this”.

The EFA-STT® features a wind and weather resistant door blade and seal. The door blade consists of crystal-clear and PVC-free laths made of acrylic glass. The pitch of 225mm high provides over 70% transparency to the door curtain. This allows for increased light ingress, smooth transport processes and helps avoid accidents through safe two-way vision. The door opening and closing operation are accommodated in the original EFAFLEX spiral, allowing space saving, non-contact and wear-free operation. The EFAFLEX spiral ensures that the individual laths are kept separate during operation and high operating speeds, of up to 2.5 m/s. This exemplary function principle combines quiet operation with longevity and maximum availability. Even after many years of high operations and harsh conditions the EFA-STT ® still impresses with absolute economy and immaculate optics, also, the product properties are architecturally versatile and available in sizes up to 8000mm x 7000mm. Various combinations of installation and lath configuration are available, including translucent and coloured lath infills (i.e. grey).

The installation of the doors at ABCOR form part of the company”s objective to create a comfortable and safe working environment for employees working in these areas. The reduction of noise, increased light ingress and safety devices all contribute to making these doors ideal for the application.
Founded in 1971, ABCOR Pty Ltd quickly established a reputation as a supplier of high-quality products, supplying Kenworth Trucks with front protections brackets. Recently ABCOR was awarded the contract to manufacture and supply over 12,000 front protection brackets for the new Toyota Hilux.