alpine star t dyno 1-250x250Unparalleled is Britain’s love for motorcycles, whether it is for the thrill of the race or adventure or even as a statement of style. There has been a long love affair with these fast machines. Even the rest of the world envied our home-grown brands, and still today we take to the roads and the race tracks with the same enthusiasm. In the heart of it all is England’s North East, where lies some of the most scenic routes and a burgeoning motorcyclist community.

Catering to the riders of the North East is Newcastle based Proto Leathers who have 35 years of experience in the textile industry and have quickly become the UK’s fastest growing motorcycle clothing store. In keeping with British tradition they also produce their own brand, RK Sports, which is high in quality and at an affordable price.

The 1950′s might have been seen as the Golden Age of motorcycling in the UK, but that old rocker style associated with the bike has never left us. Proto Leathers provide a vast array of motorcycle leather jackets, for both ladies and men to suit the needs of every rider. They have their very own Tassle Mens leather jacket and a ladies Spin Jacket, both of which emulate the attitude of the rockers of yesteryear.

Although no look would be complete without the footwear to match, so what you need is a pair of sturdy motorcycle boots. Proto are stockists of all the top brands at competitive prices, Alpinestar, Nitro and their own RK Sports brand which offer boots with Goretex waterproof technology and all the protective features you need to be safe on the road.

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