How To Stop Drinking Alcohol Forever© today announced the launch of their new website, which is fronted by Thomas Miller, who raises awareness for alcohol abuse and addiction.

Mr Miller brings a fresh new dose of reality to the website, as he was once a struggling alcoholic for nearly a decade and a half.

Preferring to be referred to as Thomas to remain on a personal level with website visitors, he connects on a deep level due to outlining and elaborating on the issues he faced and eventually overcame.

Thomas goes into detail on the many familiar traits of an alcoholic (some familiar and others not so much), which is done to assist with “revealing” individuals to themselves. This is said to help them transition over to the quitting process with much less mental difficulty.

With the website’s focus being primarily on the cause of its visitors though, apart from Thomas’ personal story, valuable information is also provided throughout in a very insightful manner.

The information that is provided is geared towards helping individuals achieve their goal of how to stop drinking. Some of the information that is provided and extensively elaborated on includes:

– The truth being the abuse and addiction of alcohol
– Numerous methods in regards to giving up alcohol (from self-help to medical involvement)
– Many free informational resources for those who are unsure if they are ready to quit

‘’ is accessed thousands of times per month by those who are looking to live a life without suffering from an addiction to alcohol, and it is committed to continuing their tradition in helping individuals live the life they dream of.

For more information in regards to learning about and overcoming an alcohol addiction, along with any potential media related contacts, please visit: