Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, one of the most common ways to express your love for your lady is by giving her flowers. This bundle of love can even become more effective and romantic if you’re giving it to your partner unexpectedly (i.e. There are no occasions to celebrate), as any Birmingham florist can attest.

So, to all the gentlemen out there, here’s an article dedicated to reminding you why you should gift your woman with flowers.

They are pleasant to the eyes and they smell great

Flowers are a thing of beauty. They are a visual candy that comes with a great and impressive smell. And smell is one of the most powerful senses women (and men) have. Flowers can intimately appeal to the recipient’s memory and emotions. The fragrance flowers bring can also aid in giving a lasting good impression of you to the other party.

They are a daily reminder of you

Speaking, of which, if you want your lady to always remember you at any time of the day, giving her flowers can do the trick. Apart from the fact that women like to look at beautiful and pretty things, the flowers can also help remind her about how much you love her and care for her. Before they wilt, they’d have that capacity to instantly bring back that special moment when you gave her that wonderful gift.

They can make you look sexier, and even smarter

Even a Birmingham florist would agree that giving flowers will make you look sexier and smarter. Backed by several studies, women tend to look at men who give flowers in a more attractive manner. They find them more “datable,” plus they also feel more secure with someone who does this simple gesture of love.

They can brighten your woman’s mood

Generally speaking, women like receiving flowers. According to a survey conducted by the Society of American Florists, 88 percent of the respondents said that their moods have improved when they received flowers. Meanwhile, 92 percent revealed that they remember the time when they last received flowers. A whopping 99 percent said that they consider someone who gives flowers thoughtful.

They speak of a secret language

Did you know that people have actually attributed meanings to specific kinds of flowers? Ask a florist Jewellery Quarter and you’d be surprised to know what a certain flower represents.

For instance, red rose denotes romantic love, while white rose is for innocent love. If you have a combination of red, yellow and orange, it means that you have passionate thoughts. If you want to express your sincere apology, you should opt for a purple hyacinth.

Women deserve to be happy, and one way to make her feel just that is by giving her flowers. If you want to score extra points, take your eyes off of this article and head over to the nearest florist Jewellery Quarter!