There are quite a few Falabella horses for sale on the market right now. Along with Shetland ponies, they are a popular breed since they are both cute and adorable. These miniature horses are a great addition to any ranch training up a show breed or a horse for the young ones. The next time that you see a Falabella horse or Shetland pony for sale, here are a few interesting facts that you should keep in mind.

Falabellas Weigh As Much as a Large Dog

If you’re wondering how much a Falabellas weighs, then you should know that you’d be able to carry one in your arms. They weight as much as a large dog.

Falabellas Make Excellent Guides

Falabellas are actually pretty intelligent. Some have been trained as guides and assistants for those with disabilities. Older horses of the breed are very affordable and they can be trained for the job.

You Can Bring Falabellas Inside the House

Thanks to their intelligence, they can be trained to behave well indoors. Additionally, with their small size and placid behavior, you can bathe them regularly and they are practically odor-free.

All US-Based Falabellas Have a Single Bloodline

Falabellas are an Argentinean breed and they were brought over into the US in 1962. Thanks to 12 stallions, the breed was introduced into the country.

Falabellas Are Consistent Breeders

Behavior is hereditary in the animal but it can be hit-or-miss. With Falabellas, that is not a problem. The breed is always well-behaved and intelligent. They also have consistent sizing passed down from parents to foal.

Falabellas Love Sweets

If you want a Falabella to love you, then all you need to do is feed it sweets. This can be bad if you bring them indoors since they soon learn where the candies are.

No Need to Worry About Dwarfism in Falabellas

Equine dwarfism is a problem for miniature horse breeds since it has health effects, but with Falabellas that is no worry. Thanks to the bloodlines and crossbreeding, the effects of dwarfism are non-existent or minimized.

Shetland Ponies Are Strong

Shetland ponies can carry a lot of weight. Adults and children can ride them safely, while cart-dragging is a favored use nowadays.

Shetland Ponies Were Originally Workhorses

The strength of this breed is no surprise. Shetlands were originally used for mining and farming purposes.

Shetlands Can Race

Shetlands can also be fast. There have been races with Shetlands using child jockeys and they are just as exciting as normal races.

Shetland Ponies Can Handle Tough Weather

The shaggy mane and fur of Shetlands were adapted to the cold climate of the Shetland Isles. They are also very efficient when it comes to food.

Shetlands Have Been Around a Long Time

Proof of Shetland ponies have been around since 2000 years ago. The breed has evolved to be hardy and dependable thanks o its environment.

Miniature Horses Live a Long Time

Both Falabellas and Shetlands have a long lifespan. Some can reach 30 or even 50 years old.

Miniature Horses Are Great For Therapy

Intelligence and adorableness make miniature horses a favorite of therapy clinics.