So ladies, are you ready for the holidays? Yes, the parity-filled season is approaching us, and I just want to wish you guys a happy holiday season. Here, in this article, I’ve compiled 12-holiday dental tips to keep your dazzling smile during the holidays and afterwards. Just have a look and enjoy!

  1. Stay vigilant of candy canes

As we all know that the no event is complete without candy canes. It’s a hard candy, and if you bite down wrong, it can crack or break your teeth. The good idea is to let these candies dissolve in your mouth first. This way, you’ll prevent teeth damage and most importantly, don’t forget to brush your teeth after eating any sweets.

  1. Be cautious of soda

It’s a bitter truth that when it comes to holiday parties, they are jammed with pop. But this sugary drink is very harmful to your teeth. You can have some fizzy water instead of soda. Or else, if you still want to drink soda, don’t forget the use of straw as it won’t let the acid touch your teeth.

  1. Watch the wine

If you want to have some wine, always remember that it will stain your teeth especially the red wine. In contrast, the white wine will create less harm to your bright and healthy smile. If you still want to drink red wine, have it with some food as it’ll mitigate the effect on your teeth. Just make sure that you brush the teeth instantly after indulging in wines.

  1. Have more Turkey

Turkey is the best holiday-season food that won’t harm your teeth in any way. It contains protein and phosphorus; both are essential in preventing the tooth decay and helps to keep your teeth healthy and vigorous.

  1. Be mindful while holiday-stockings

Just be aware when it comes to stock your Christmas stockings as it often contains a high concentration of sugar, which may cause cavities to your child’s teeth. It’s a far better idea to have one sweet dish as compared to having different varieties of candies.

  1. Have more veggies

Just try to replace brownies and cookies with vegetables, Carrots, and Broccoli are perfect for the healthy teeth as they are packed with Vitamin A that is helpful in protecting your enamel (your teeth’s outer coating).

  1. Munch on cheese

If you’re using alcoholic drinks during the holiday season, then don’t forget to add cheese to your menu as a snack. The cheese contains calcium, which is necessary to keep your teeth healthy and its pH help neutralise the effect of acid.

  1. Deep cleaning is must

Just hold it in mind that the optimal teeth brushing should last at least for 2 minutes to thoroughly clean your gums and teeth. Don’t forget to brush your tongue to kill the germs properly.

  1. Don’t open presents with your teeth

The holiday season is always full of surprises, gifts and all. You might tempt to open these gift boxes with your teeth. That’s wrong, don’t do it! It’s quite risky as it can crack or break the tooth.

  1. Fill up on fruit

It’s way better to use fruits rather than eating sugary desserts. If you’re going to throw a party or dinner, go for one dessert dish instead of prepping into lots of pies and cakes.

  1. Give up the grazing

It happens in every home during the holiday season that you’ve lots of food left out. So, always avoid grazing otherwise, you’re putting your teeth at risk for decay. Hide the remaining food and just take it out during meal times.

  1. Make the holiday meaningful

It’s certainly critical to make the holiday meaningful by focusing on some evocative activities instead of making the food part as the centre of attention. You can play some games such as UNO, carom board, watch a movie or plan some crafting projects, too.

The reality is, we indulge ourselves in eating a lot more especially sugary items. So, it’s very significant to limit the number of times you eat sugar-contained foods per day. Limit snacks from your diet and have nutritious and balanced meals. Decrease the intake of carbohydrates such as chips, candies, pretzels as it clings to the teeth’s surface. But, fruit juices stored in the drinks fridge aren’t harmful to your teeth. So, this is how you can make a real difference towards your healthy teeth.