The Salon de l’agriculture organizes Paris International Agricultural Show at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles every year. And this year the grand opening of Salon International Agriculture Expo saw home coming of a host of exhibitionists, technologists, agriculturists, farmers and students who shared their knowledge on the “Theme 2017: Farming: A Passion, A Set of Ambitions”. The Paris International Agricultural Show is committed to take long view of farming, bringing together sectors, stakeholders in these sectors and members of the general public. For this 54th edition of the show, they decided to continue lending support to all of the professions in the sector, and accommodate to provide visitors and consumers alike with an overall insight into farming.

One aspect of such discussion was HACKATHON: Focus on Responsible Agricultural Practices by the Bonduelle Group, who emphasized on healthily and sustainably feeding the planet while preserving the resources and the quality of the soils. With the constantly evolving agricultural world and increase in the best practices of mechanical and thermal weeding, sustainable chemical disinfection and pest control, mechanical insect traps, observation drones for better crop management etc., the farmers with significant know-how on such matters shared their views. As part of its overall reflection on the Group CSR strategy, Bonduelle gathered for nearly 2 days, farmers, and co-workers from various departments, consumers and business people to jointly brainstorm on how to promote responsible agricultural practices and accordingly last December, they organized a Hackathon with the objective to promote responsible agricultural practices among consumers.

One of the participating groups quite elaborately discussed the judicious use of chemical pesticides to reduce damage to crops and also reduce the ultimate environmental and health impacts of the pesticides as encouraged by Bonduelle. On one such note, the presenters highlighted a new chemical pest control technology in the form of Nano Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Agricultural Disinfectant and Pesticide. It is here that ALSTASAN Silvox was mentioned as a globally accepted eco-friendly all purpose pesticide owing to its superior quality and efficacy at eliminating almost all types of agricultural pests and pathogens.

ALSTASAN Silvox’s eco-friendly formulation decomposes into water and oxygen increasing soil life and crop yield without any signs of phytotoxicity. It does not leave poisonous residues and does not require flushing with water. Silver has been shown to have anti-senescence property which likewise expands shelf life of usability of products of the soil.

The important characteristics of ALSTASAN Silvox are:

  • It is colorless, odorless, and biodegradable and 100% eco-friendly
  • Multifunctional with wide range applications
  • Multi-media sanitation (Irrigation Water, Soil Surface and Foliar lamina)
  • Nontoxic, breaking into water and oxygen and no other toxic residues
  • Cold sterilant (Does not require any heat for disinfection)
  • Non foaming formulation
  • No Rinse product (Does not require rinsing with water)
Benefits to Grower
  • Saves time, energy and manpower and improves crop economics
  • Media fumigation can be done even only 4 (four) hours before plantation
  • Stable over a wide pH and temperature range
  • Does not release toxic fumes and harmful gases
  • Does not require water rinsing after disinfection
  • Soil does not need to be covered with plastic unlike formalin method
  • Safe and nontoxic to humans
  • Non carcinogenic
  • Non mutagenic
  • Minimizes the use of harmful fungicides, pesticides, and bactericides
  • Can be used for regular treatment by drip, foliar sprays, and drenching methods
Benefits to Soil / Growing Media
  • Destroys all fungi, bacteria, viruses and pest populations in soil or media
  • Kills even eggs and larval stage of insects-pests
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable, breaking down to water and oxygen
  • Improves soil / media porosity
  • Adds more oxygen to soil profile
  • Improves water uptake capacity and capillary action
  • Does not leave behind toxic residues
  • Prevents and treats nematode infestations
  • Increases soil/ Coco peat/ other media life
Benefits to Crop
  • Increases plant establishment and reduces initial plant mortality
  • Hastens seed germination and enhance crop growth by boosting fresh root formation
  • Works as a crop activator which enables it to fight against diseases
  • Denaturation of DNA helps against pest resistance development
  • Increases both production and marketable yield
  • Silver has an anti-senescence property which prevents ageing of fruits and vegetables
  • Helps in Ethylene inhibition
  • Does not have phyto-toxic effect on other crops
  • Does not cause spotting on flowers and affect taste of fruits and vegetables
  • Improves luster of the produce along with extension of shelf-life

Being eco-friendly and bio-degradable, the blend of hydrogen peroxide with silver makes it effective & hassle free solution to all plant pathogen related problems. A high LD50 value makes it nontoxic while its fast action and zero phytotoxicity, makes it effective at reducing the time between soil fumigation and plantation from the conventional 3 weeks to just 4-6 hours.

ALSTASAN Silvox finds wide usage in fields of open field cultivation for growing apples, grapes, corn, radish, potatoes, etc., to protective cultivation of apricots, oranges, capsicum, etc. It finds a huge use in floriculture where it not only treats microbial infections but the silver in hydrogen peroxide also increases the shelf life of cut flowers, thereby increasing their market value.